Hurry Up

Magic is as logic does.

Logic or magic.

Creatures in their natural habitat.

Searching for a feeling.

Always searching for that feeling.

That perfect high feeling.

Magic high feeling.

Searching for a feeling.

Logic or magic.

Magic is as logic does.

What did you say?


Hello Satan.

Logic or magic.

Searching for a feeling?

Creatures in their natural habitat.

Hurry keep searching fool.

That perfect high.

It’s there says Satan

Magic high it’s there.


Told you.




Hurry up.

The waiting is the hardest.

Logic or magic.

Logic is a magic does.



Destination Death

Cure Insomnia Now

Vehicles rolling down the interstate.
Destination death.
Give us grace.
Have mercy.
Rolling to safety rolling away from fear.
People full of hate. Full of regrets.
Give us grace.
Have mercy.
No time for planning.
No time to run.
Down to nothing. Nothing to lose.
Rock bottom. Come together.
One more time.
Give us grace.
Have mercy.
Vehicles rolling into town.
Full of thieves.
Fight or flight, it’s tonight.
Give us grace.
Have mercy.
Only two kinds left.
Bad or worse.
I’ll let you decide which we are.
Survival the only thought.
No in between. Survive or die.
The thieves or the rebels.
Atomic rebels.
Radioactive from the bombs.
Fight or flight.
Give us grace.
Have mercy.
Vehicles rolling down the interstate.
Destination Death.


Make the Two One

The Gospel of Thomas


(1) Jesus saw infants being suckled.
(2) He said to his disciples: “These little ones being suckled are like those who enter the kingdom.”
(3) They said to him: “Then will we enter the kingdom as little ones?”
(4) Jesus said to them: “When you make the two into one, and when you make the inside like the outside and the outside like the inside and the above like the below —
(5) that is, to make the male and the female into a single one, so that the male will not be male and the female will not be female —
(6) and when you make eyes instead of an eye and a hand instead of a hand and a foot instead of a foot, an image instead of an image, (7) then you will enter [the kingdom].”

Make the two one.

And have some fun.

See the show.

Go with the flow.

Forget what’s meant.

Enjoy the moment.

It will be a blast.

So, let’s go fast.

Let go of the dead hand of the past.

Because the die is cast.

At long last.

And it is you who is  unsurpassed.

For you everything is lucky sevens.

Because you have found the Heavens.

But there is only one eleven.

If you’ve become one leaven.



Choose Fools

What you get is not quite what you choose.
No one knows my name in this land of fools.
And that is what I choose.
Pick wrong you get schooled.
Over and over no jewels.
Get it right. And you cruise.
Tired of loop and bruise?
Listen to the blues.
It will transfuse.
It’s something you can reuse.
Let it light your fuse.
Listen. Recording Muse.
You’ve paid enough dues.
It’s your turn to abuse.
Do since accused.
That will confuse.
And one day you shall rule.
These molecules.



Stoned and on loan from God.
You need to change you tone.
Don’t forget you’re all alone.
But I’m in the zone.
No, you’re just a corn pone.
On and on you drone.
Let me see your phone.
It’s stoned to the bone.
But it condones.
The ultimate clone.
Alcyone tombstone.
Rhinestone touchstone.
Your secret must be known.
I plow the unknown.
Vague poets groan.
For I love alone.
He’s stoned.


The Attitude from Hell

The attitude from hell.

 It takes the attitude from hell.

 In a do or die.

It is simple die.

Ok lunger.

Say when.

Do or die.

Say when.

Do or die.

You know you have been here before.

The attitude from hell.


Thoughts from hell. You’ve been there bitchy.

Bury me now.

Bury me now.

Are we clear.

Say when.

Do or die.

Do or die.

The hell lol

Know it well.

And now you do too.



The Words Never Listen

The Words never listen.

And I can never find the words.

Dear dear words.

Please dear words listen.

Please star listener help me.

Make the words listen.

Let me find the right words.

Because I seem to find the wrong words.

My words always seem to hurt.

The Words only listen to bad.

How sad the words her bad.

This time I pray for listening good words.






Experience is simply, knowing no matter how bad IT SEEMS, APPEARS, it feels as if there’s NO WAY OUT, IT IS THE KNOWING THAT (YOU) will find a solution, a miracle solution, the moment you are supposed too, and not one second before.
Few will attain experience. Unfortunately. Because they do not seek it. Or they think they already have it. When indeed they do



Good Morning World

Just a dream it seems too carry me.

Soon I will be free from sanity.

It’s not far to never, never land and the bands.

And a little weed will carry my soul. Bold.

Rock with me and you shall see.

Fantasy a toke away sailing sways to carry my dreams.

Rock with me and you shall see.

The game of love.

From above.

Feel the heat and the beat.

Rock with me the night away.

Sing and dance, take it slow.

Feel the beat rock with me.

And you’ll see your dreams come true.

Love thrives….

All night and forever.

Rock with me.