A Modern Way of Living

Clowns and jokers.

Politicians and tokers.

Users and sleepers.

Agencies and peepers.

Suspicions of wonder.

The thunder for change.

While “we the peeps” pick up coinage.

Folding money estranged

History altered.

America tweaked.

Americans freaked.

Opinions revamped.

Stamped. Masses prodded.

Confounded. Defunded.

A modern way of living.

Broken, smashed, tamed.

But why? Sigh. Die!

Another one bites the dust.

Ashes to ashes.

A modern way of living.

Stop the Verse!

May I ask a question?

Is anyone at home?

Let me answer for you.


Dismissed, warnings snubbed.

 A modern way of living.

It’s always been this way.

A modern way of living.

Madness. Lunacy.

Psychosis, a dementia reveal.

Buffoons the elect. The elite.

Lauded, hailed, and championed.

A modern way of living.

Secret societies. Secret theories.

Secrets. On a need to know basis ONLY!

Does anyone ask why?

Well-nigh. Niet!

Access denied.

Roger that.


Future once upon a time.

A modern walk of life doom.


Attentive forthwith…



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