The White Rat

The nick.
The White Rat.
Said the real rat. Your new nick.
Prick said I.
And he was.

But it stuck.
Then I learned.
Embrace to chase.

Yes, that’s the case.
And the chase.
Was on. But I did not see.
Where it would lead.

Led to dead.
At the white gerbil.

Would you like some cheese.
Oooh, please.
Would share some, please.
Said the real rat.

Maybe I did.
Maybe not.
I thought.
But he got some.
Before I was awakened.

But I didn’t care.
Cause most rats are stupid.
Except me.
The “White” Rat.
So, there I sat.
Eating a dead cat.

It’s really not that bad.
Or sad.
The only problem?


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