Twas the Nuke Before Tweakmas

Twas the Nuke Before Tweakmas

And most were alight.

Some affright.

Some just alright.

Most not to bright.

The blinds were set exactly right.

The doors locked up tight.

Toothless Larry Joe on Face chart.

Amanda Jane polishing her shopping cart.

Luigi with his squeegee was doing his part.

The flies seemed to think Fred dead.

Alas, just a dead head.

The pipe carefully passed from hand to hand.

Tweakmas had joined our merry band.

Saint Tweak had the best shit in the land.

As purple mist blazed from his Harley,

I heard the Devil exclaim through the haze,

Merry Tweakmas to all.

And to all.  Twas the Nuke.

Hoes, hoes, hoes, thanks for the lows.



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