Kids Say the Most Amazing…

smiley drawing on sand

Dad can I have some wahwees. (raisins)

And an uh oh. (hotdog) Yes, after an hour of pointing.

Brother called me a butt jina. What’s a butt jina Dad? (your first thought is correct)

While biting my lip, wait till mom gets home and she will tell you.

Grandma I rode in Dad’s new fuck. (truck) See son! It wasn’t me, Mom.

Why is there air? What’s breathing? You’ll learn in school.

Are there undertakers in the hot spot? A future writer.

What is hacking paint?  Where did you hear that?

Dad, have you ever heard the song Stairway to Heaven?  It’s awesome.

Dudes a little shady.  While singing Dude looks like a lady.

At eight. Dad can I have a cell phone. No.  All my friends do. No.

How old were you when you got your first cell phone? 36.  Why so old?

They weren’t invented yet.  Really? Did you have a car? NO, YOU CAN’T HAVE A CAR YET.

Overheard on the new cell phone.  No, he would not buy me the Holiday Barbie.

He said he didn’t have any money left after buying me the phone.

But I know he does. He still has checks. So, I won’t give up.

Dad, I wanted to watch the movie with brother, but he said I’m to young for Triple X movies.

Is Triple X really like Superman and Batman movies?

Dad. Do you know how to make a tissue dance?  But a little boogie on it.  We laughed so hard we cried.

Did you enjoy going to the drive-in with sis.  It was okay but she didn’t watch much of the movie.

They got in the back and laid down and I watched the movie in the front seat.  It was hard to hear with all that smacking sound.  Where is your sister btw?



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