Can You Dig It?

DNA Crosses 

Black crows.

Guitar heroes.

Political zeros.

Movies foretold.

Fools shooting school.

Gangsta rap.

Police jokes.

Demo tap. Double crap.

Free Republicons

Stimulus beyond.

Keep your distance.

Distance control.

No need for panic.

It came from bats.

 Not us rats.

Vaccine soon doubtful cure.

Conspiracy implanted for sure.

If you not sick. Roll up you sleeve please.

Wildfires, Laura, Sally, anarchy, senseless murder, riots.

Actual civil wars.

Talking heads.

All answers.

That slipped Mike.

I’m sorry mom and dad and any other humans.

Rome burns.

But don’t dare rant!

Offender baiter fool.

Or sanity knows no bounds.

It has always been.  The end is neigh.


What is fucking what.

What is? Silence. We kill you.

Seniors babies dying, alone, hungry.

But mostly shut up before we shut you up.

Idiot faces of America.  Let them die.

Control the masses. Thoughts planted.

Burned by….no that’s top secret.


Special counsels.

Billions of trillions of ashes to ashes.

When in doubt of death. Count it.

Can you dig it?

Bruh. Common ground.

See you around.

Ground zero.  Didn’t happen.

Rights?  Constitution?

They took that statue down.

Offensive wording.

I can’t say who.

Protected group.

Vote for change.

Just like last time.

Reporters questions.

Absurb. That alien rumor.

It’s genetic. It’s called the Two face trait.

Invisible to most.

Ballots, I mean Voters



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