See I Did Listen

white city bicycle parked beside green and brown wooden signage

1973 Six months away from being 15.

Dream on.  AM radio. Crank it.

Yes Mom.  I do listen.

What did you say?

Turn it up?

Every now and then mom threw a curve ball.

1981 Mom helping recently divorced son move.

Don’t Stop Believing. FM radio. Crank it.

Yes Mom.  I do listen.

What did you say?

Turn it up?

Nice curve ball.

1989 Getting close to 31. Mom is visiting our new home.

Running Down a Dream. Stereo receiver. Crank it.

Yes Mom. And I do listen.

What did you say?

Crank it up??? Struck him out on the curve.

2020 Age is just a number. Dreaming, writing.

Dream on. iPhone, headphones. Crank it.

See Mom I did listen. 

Follow your dreams son.

Mom, did you learn to hit in Heaven?



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