Ok Google

Ok, google.

Example of Fools.  Search.

Circle spinning.  Patience

144,185,111 results in 0.888 seconds.

Other suggested search names.

Pictures of fools, fools’ rule, how to stop being a fool. Fool for the City.

Only $19.99 for Ginsui knife set, Today only! Click here.


Call now before you miss out! Click to turn on notifications.

This ad wants to know your location. Allow? Yes NO.

Are you sure you want to close this tab.

Closing this tab means you will miss this once in a lifetime deal.  Are you sure? Yes NO

Maybe you should add this to your collections. Or bookmarks. Add? Yes no maybe. Click here.

Are you absolutely and positively sure you want to exit this ad from hell? Yes no maybe.

Let me think about it. Yes NO Click here.


Already own those anyway. Ha!

Damn, what is my selfie doing in images?

Only $19,999 for the new iadeliminator8.

The hottest new device. Eliminates fools.

Before pic.

Unfortunately, the after pic is buffering.

And this first special edition is almost sold out!

Buy now. Add to cart.



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