I am so confused.  The symbol for no internet is clearly there.  Then the computer asks me, do want to play a game while you wait.  Possibly, I answer.  But does the computer know something I do not?  That I will wait a long time for the internet to return.  Or is it just trying to keep me from getting bored?  The net for me is still down.  Might as well play the game.  Wait a minute.  I did not know that game was even on this computer.  So, if the net is down and the suggested game is not on my computer, where the heck is it located?  It must be a new win 10 update!  Always thinking, huh.  Computers cannot think.  At least not very well.  Yet?  Good think Mr. Computer. 

That must be the answer to my confusion and the question.  I hope…anyway, the other symbol is back. Got to finish this masterpiece.



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