Embrace to Kill List


I had a fear of the dark as a small child.

Even older if I must admit.

And at times as an even adult.

Twas my Embrace to Kill List that eliminated my fear of the dark.

Ghost stories are better in the dark.

Sneaking up on someone is better in the dark.

Whispering is better in the dark.

Sex is better in the dark, sometimes.

Disappearing is easier in the dark.

Looking in the mirror is better in the dark.

Having my picture taken is better in the dark.

Fear has a page, I liked, no I hearted it.

I am now the dark to fear.

Now you have a fear of the dark.

Do you want to use my list? Whoops, I shredded it.

I can read your eyes, nowhere to run. 

I was just kiddin!

Seriously? There is a fear of jokes syndrome?

Oh, I see. You will get it eventually.



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