A Modern Way of Living

Clowns and jokers.

Politicians and tokers.

Users and sleepers.

Agencies and peepers.

Suspicions of wonder.

The thunder for change.

While “we the peeps” pick up coinage.

Folding money estranged

History altered.

America tweaked.

Americans freaked.

Opinions revamped.

Stamped. Masses prodded.

Confounded. Defunded.

A modern way of living.

Broken, smashed, tamed.

But why? Sigh. Die!

Another one bites the dust.

Ashes to ashes.

A modern way of living.

Stop the Verse!

May I ask a question?

Is anyone at home?

Let me answer for you.


Dismissed, warnings snubbed.

 A modern way of living.

It’s always been this way.

A modern way of living.

Madness. Lunacy.

Psychosis, a dementia reveal.

Buffoons the elect. The elite.

Lauded, hailed, and championed.

A modern way of living.

Secret societies. Secret theories.

Secrets. On a need to know basis ONLY!

Does anyone ask why?

Well-nigh. Niet!

Access denied.

Roger that.


Future once upon a time.

A modern walk of life doom.


Attentive forthwith…



Wrote Me A Letter

So I wrote me a letter…
I mailed it to the prez.

Do you know what it say?
I’ve been lost. Forever
Suicide debating.
But forever, well be forever…
Si I bend behind.
Evil thing, my behind.
And here’s ever line.
Without further adue or pomp.
I hope it rezs with said Prez.
I hope he still has snail mail.
Cause I got points to nail.
To some ones tail.
And without fail.
He needs to assail.
While I wail.
Not that whale bruh.
No worries ya dig.
Not evil or vile.
Veil. Unveil.
The wrud has self CO RRECt. This time around.
What I need is a Worldedit CO RRect. Co-Creater.
A cheat.
Word World Beater Co Creator.
Create that cat.
So here I at.
Thinking of this and that, fat cats, rats.
In my black hat and you can bank that.
You black bat leader of the rat pack.
No we the peeps won’t be snatched at.
Contact at:


Hat tap…
Walkin’ the Dog. Aerosmith for the inspiration.

Rufus Thomas{song writer}


Write Me A Letter. Aerosmith_Steven Victor Tallarico{song writer}
From the album Aerosmith_Aerosmith

Read the Letter Hear:


The New Colossus

The following two items I found on the web.  I was thinking about the statue of liberty and the poem that I knew was inscribed on the Statue of Liberty. And it is called:

The New Colossus

Not like the brazen giant of Greek fame,
With conquering limbs astride from land to land;
Here at our sea-washed, sunset gates shall stand
A mighty woman with a torch, whose flame
Is the imprisoned lightning, and her name
Mother of Exiles. From her beacon-hand
Glows world-wide welcome; her mild eyes command
The air-bridged harbor that twin cities frame.

“Keep, ancient lands, your storied pomp!” cries she
With silent lips. “Give me your tired, your poor,
Your huddled masses yearning to breathe free,
The wretched refuse of your teeming shore.
Send these, the homeless, tempest-tost to me,
I lift my lamp beside the golden door!”

 Emma Lazarus

And here is the link:


And this also came up on the search:

Unsolved Mysteries

Much has been said about The Statue of Liberty, how tall it is, what is the statue made of… This statue represents for Americans a symbol of freedom and democracy, but few have stopped to detail its origin and dark secrets that surround its true meaning, in this article we will tell you why is armed that the Statue of liberty is a representation of Lucifer and is cataloged by some, as the most important monument to Devil on Earth which is said that it’s been protected even from such terrible events as the September 11 attack.

1 Although the Statue it’s called Liberty, it’s actually a man.

2 Freedom Monument is a Masonic symbol. 2.1 Number 7 is very present on The Statue.

3 Princess Diana, Masons and the Statue of Liberty.

4 Statue of Liberty is a Luciferian Deity.


And here is the link:


I would just like to add my link.  And ink.  This makes me sink! Makes ill ink blink!

Me thinks a letter to Chief Uplink.

While on the brink. Will bethink.

And interlink.




Once Upon a Time While Seeking

A floating neon sign appeared.

FREE policy upgrades. And!

 LIHEAP can help! Free sparks.!

Ah, free add on. No. #ads. #tva #liheap.

Awesome! Bossy, saucy.


I got to get me some.

Me thinks. Love the hoops.

Just a jump clicks away. I’M pumped.

Stumped. Dumped. Lumped. Bumped. A frump.

All at once!

What are you waiting for?

A mask?  You ask.

HTTP 402 error.


Dam mint they said FREE!

Funny Rog. The spelling ha ha.

Think they’ll get it?

Eventually, eventually.

Smart ass!




Free Modern upgrades for a Hero

Free Modern upgrades for a Hero

Hero’s travel, come, and depart.

A black Mystery train of desires.

All the while, as I listen for voices.

I fly the skies.

Seeking my fancy.

Molding my future.

My first inclination, correct.


Purple haze surrounds.

Disguising choices. Choose fool.

They purr.

Free will. Opt-out?

opt in? To the pit.

Rag doll! Puppet!

But the eel, mobile.

Changing. Re-arranging the pieces.

Of universal truths.

Change the world!

They shriek you freak. SEEK!

Alas, life obstructs.

Climbing the stairway, harder still.

Age underfoot.

Side effects galore building a new whore.

What to do fool the backup singers tweak.

Have you forgotten the rhyme with time?

And to align. The signs.


Go ahead dine! Your feast is served.

 It will only hurt for a little while.

Hustle just a kiss away.

Mission declined. The end sublimes.

Cut! The mainframe terminates.

This app will self-destruct in…



Egotistical Super-egotistical Rant

Damn fuck everything!!!

Right now. This very moment….my ANGER IS BREATHING…

So, join this cluster bomb. Please mister universal conspiracy against me, please will you help me understand. 

Because at the point who really cares.  After all, why should anything, at any point in your worthless life go as it should?  Oh, I know, please give me some more counseling and some more attitude.  Self-pity to twist up so you can turn it on me.  I already KNOW IT’S ME.  So, let me rage against the machine. And please remind me that I’m just repeating my old “learned” behavior.  And yes, I would just love some more Freudian insight.  Bring Jung, Skinner, Rogers, and Kinsey guy, in fact, I’ll get the mf van and we’ll just make a group therapy-Stockholm syn-bang-drome.  Maybe they’ll discover some new brain parasite that only I was blessed with.  Or maybe I’m only whacked sufferer they can’t help.  Yes, I know all about ego, super-ego, and Id.  But I must have something called The End.  Because I have the three and something called “dot”.  Add that to id and you get an idiot cause I’ve got two “eyes” but can’t see the smucking light for myself.  Yes, I know you have all the answers Mr. Universe, sir.  And I understand all the positive affirmation b.s.  The stinking thinking, thing, my unconscious, sub-conscious, transference, psychic apparatus, denial, and all that resistance horseshit.  Blah, blah, instinctual desires, and the critique of the ass swipe super-ego.   I’ve already took all that ass whippings.  Yes, I got stopped by something of which I have no control.  And there’s not any device I can use to change or modify that noun.  My plans got stopped for a seemingly small, trivial, fuck-me-moment and only me moment once again.  I know, I know. Overly dramatic. But?  At what ex post facto moment in hell do you snap?  When does your “id” jump off the cliff?  And go postal on all the other core tuners?  And commit murder of the other me, myself, and “idiom” idiots? Because yes, I got the TRIGGER and the gun.  I’ve done enough time in this “universal” rehearsal joint.

But don’t leave.  Please!!



Friends Sharing Progress

Friends Sharing Progress

Then: Telephone

They race to answer.

Who is it?

Now: (I)phone.

Ignore. Decline. Text. Later.

Then: Visitors/Unannounced

Turn off the tube, share.

Now: Unannounced visitors

Hide. SHHH! Turn off location sharing.

(I)Facetime. Later.

Friends sharing. Progress.

lighted lighter
Photo by Kelly Lacy on Pexels.com



The King of Saxony

The King of Saxony

We’ve understood the sounds of silence.

We found peaceful balance.

Karma was a hardly learned

Believing harder still.

Then, choices of which you pay.

Put to death notions of hearing, believing.

Or most of seeing.

We have no fear.

It would appear.

So, whom to thank.

For collaborated knowledge.

The bird of paradise.

Whispers the King of Saxony.