Final Attempt to Connect

I want…….. 

Rock and roll heaven. 

Do you believe in heaven. 

Everyone has a song to sing. 

Or write or play…. 

So create… 

Get the beat… 

But don’t take a seat.. 

Like the other one… 

Who’s not done.. 

He’s in the bun… 

Don’t make me laugh.. 

Out-loud….sing it out-loud… 

Try it…and someone will buy it. 

Sing a song, write a song.

Sing it scream it….so you can beam it. 

Cause you’re the Star of your Show… 

So believe in forever… 

Cause you’ve just began. 

And sometimes you must start over. 

And over. And over….get it? 

And learn to whistle…

Like Ronnie……..




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