A Yellow Rose

A yellow rose for you, she said. 

So, we are just friends? 

Till the end. 

But what if I wanted more? 

Then you will need to wait. 

I’m waiting, still waiting… 

For the red rose… 

For the love prose. 

Would you like to go on a date? 

I would but you will need to wait. 

For me, I’m not ready. 

I’m ready for the both of us. 

Just take a chance on me. 

I’m waiting, still waiting… 

For the Chance. 

For the love pose. 

I’ve been hurt before. 

I’d never hurt you. 

That’s what they all say… 


It’s necessary. 

I’m waiting, still waiting… 

For the Trust… 

For the must… 

For the chance… 

For love…….. 



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