You and Tequila Make Me Crazy

Indeed, Kenny Chesney, a good old UT fan.  You see even Alabama and UT fans can agree on something.  And nothing suxs like a big orange.  Lol, I think Kenny gets it.  Cause every time I drank tequila…. well, you may know. And there’s always this one woman…that drives you insane.  She’s exactly what you wanted, perfect, good looking, blonde, which I really dig. MI casa es su casa!   I do not know that much about him except his music, but he helped save my life.  How you ask. Listen to the music.  Listen to his first huge hit.  About one of my biggest problems. The name escapes me. Ah, I guess I could look it up, but my internet is down.  Good. I can think.  I can just be me.  Listen to his music and decide for yourself.  Explain it to me.  Explain it to yourself.  Work it out in your mind.  How could anyone sing such songs that inspire and make you feel?  Because God reached down and touched him.  That is the only explanation I can come up with.  I wish someone would splain it to me Lucy.  Because I need some damn answers. 

Answers and truth, that is what I want?  I want full disclosure, honesty, I want to be in the loop.  You want the truth?  You cannot handle the truth …Jack Nicholson.  The truth requires you to investigate the fucking mirror and say I am a very fucked up individual.  The truth requires you to say, baby I fucked up. I’m sorry!  The truth is a fucking hard pill to swallow.  At least for me it was.  And I never met a pill I didn’t like. From Quaaludes, to valium’s, to speed, to any opiate, to anything that changed the way I felt.  Cause you know why? I HATED MY GUTS AND I HATED EVERYONE ELSE! I was a terrible excuse for a human being.  And I was never satisfied with anything.  Anything I had achieved, anything I did, or anyone else.  I said I did not judge but it was always someone else’s fault.  My mom, my spouse, someone at work, bad luck, stupid people, assholes, or God. Yep, I blamed God! So, I blamed myself. Lol Here we go again. This guy’s a nut.  Absolutely!  I prefer cashews myself.  But a nut is a nut.  

A nut is a nut, and if it looks like a duck, walks like duck, then guess what? It is a damn duck.  I forgot who told me that.  No, I really did not but I am not going to tell you.  Why? Cause it does not matter, really, but then again it does.  It does to me.  Because the person that told me that was one of the most incredible people I have ever met.  He was rich. He was not especially out-going, he came from zero, he had more challenging times than most people.  I never saw him refuse anything to anyone, from politicians, to employees, to regular people, and he was demonized for having money.  Money, he sweated for and earned.  I watched him struggle with decisions and wonder how he did it.  He taught me more in seven years more than I learned in my earlier 28.  He treated me like a son, and I let him down.  And then after he let me go, he had the nerve to die.  And I never got to say I am sorry.  Until now. I am sorry Woody!  You helped me and I know you are still with me. He was a Mason and one of the best men I have ever met.  

But I know he died a happy man.  He was unstoppable.  He looked at things, worked things out, talked it out, and just figured it out somehow.  He sorts of passed that on to me somehow.  I do not ever quit, ever, do not forget it.  He taught me to be fearless. No, one is fearless… 

Well, you never saw THE BOOK OF ELI.  I watched it with someone I consider very special.  I was on the edge of my seat the whole time. I could not figure it out.  But I did.  Thanks, I needed that. May I have another? 

Another what?  Another peanut butter sandwich cookie.  I love peanut butter! Don’t you?  I love pb sandwiches, cookies, Reese’s cups, snickers, hell, I will get a spoon and eat it out of the jar.  Which brings me to an earlier point.  They say peanut butter is not good for you. Correct?  Too much fat, cholesterol, calories, etc.  You get that point right??  But I can tell you this, it gives you energy, tastes good, and is cheap. And if the things get tough you could live off it.  Ask any street person? Some of them do. How do you know that? Cause I am a smart motherfucker… Jules.  What??? What country you from? What ain’t no country I ever heard of. Say what one more time…. Sorry, just random thoughts.  Occasionally, I read.  I read some news. Sometimes I do not even want to hear that shit.  But I always seem to notice the important being from the South I notice how they can get by with saying we are we are hicks, ignorant, blah, blah, blah. Who the fuck is they?  And we just sit there and take it.  Well, let me say this. Fuck you very much, you claim to have tolerance for anyone. I feeeeeeeelllllllllllll you are fucking pain!!  Who said that?? The name escapes me.  But I digress, so I am going to take the high road and say, I forgive you!  Some of us are hicks and rednecks but guess what we love each other anyway. We are proud of it in fact…do not think so??? Then listen to Sweet Home Alabama and play me some Skynyrd, Kid!  Been there done that! See ya wouldn’t want to be ya! So, I ask you this.  Did God make peanut butter? Who discovered pb? George Carver Washington.  My internet is back up btw. And that’s two good votes right there. But my point is, which was a point I wanted to make earlier…what if everything is backwards, upside down, and THEY did it for a fucking reason….to MAKE YOU THINK!  Think for yourself stupid. I’m sorry if I have offended you!  You are not stupid sweetheart.  You just have bad genes on your Dad’s side.  You thought I would say Mom’s did not you!! Got you, again. Mom did not raise a stupid son just one that looks silly.  Lol 

Can you dig it??? Super!  

Speaking of Super, let us talk about Superman.  Man, I loved that comic when I was a kid.  And obviously, I was not alone.  And I know about alone. I’m a loner and always have been.  I doubt that changes but who knows?  Anything is possible.  If I can write more than a damn sentence, it must be.  The only thing I had ever written before was a poem. Chewing gum that’s my bag, but it makes my jaws sag.  I bet somebody will remember that. Teehee.   My claim to fame. Someone said it was good. Brief and it even rhymed. But I got that damn credit. Sometimes you just must survive.  So, I do. Survive! And it is fun. Sometimes I just make it a game!  Yep, I made up my own games when I was a kid. I saw a friend do it. So, I thought I try it.  And it kept my mind of stupid shit.  Yep, I was fucked up, even as a child.  But I got sidetracked.  What wat the topic? Superman, indeed, I’m Superman, we are all superman, superwoman, girl, boy, etc. Glad you told me. Groovy!  Your welcome! Any other questions? That is all for now. Class dismissed…. 

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