You are the only love I have ever found. 

If only you were still around. 

My angels surround, 

Me in this town. 

And I am Heaven bound. 

I see you in the satin gown. 

And my memories, they do hound. 

For I hear the sound, 

I feel the pound. 

Of the wave by the sea aground. 

The feeling I have of being down, 

Makes me frown. 

Is love a noun? 

Does it wear a thorny crown? 

Oh, why must I feel like a clown? 

I know you will love me again when I am renown. 

But will it be too late for our showdown? 

Because this world is on a countdown. 



A Yellow Rose

A yellow rose for you, she said. 

So, we are just friends? 

Till the end. 

But what if I wanted more? 

Then you will need to wait. 

I’m waiting, still waiting… 

For the red rose… 

For the love prose. 

Would you like to go on a date? 

I would but you will need to wait. 

For me, I’m not ready. 

I’m ready for the both of us. 

Just take a chance on me. 

I’m waiting, still waiting… 

For the Chance. 

For the love pose. 

I’ve been hurt before. 

I’d never hurt you. 

That’s what they all say… 


It’s necessary. 

I’m waiting, still waiting… 

For the Trust… 

For the must… 

For the chance… 

For love…….. 



Just for YOU

I have your remedy. 

And you have your remedy. 

You can find it. 

If you seek. 

You will get a peek. 

Of the leak. 

It is at the peak. 

Of what you seek. 

So, climb the hill. 

For a thrill. 

And seal the deal. 


Be kind, unwind, be sublime. 


On. You crazy lovely person. 

I am certain, you can arrive. 

And strive, to be alive. 


Dive into the water. 

It is cold. So be bold. 

I am told.  

That the truth will unfold. 

A light. 

To Enlightenment. 

So, seek and you shall find. 

The finer things in life. 

Just for you………. 



I Won’t Stop

Soul Sensation. 

Soul mutation. 

Super flow stream. 

Makes me want to scream. 

It seems I’m in the zone. 

So, give the dog a bone. 

For I’m alone. 

And the pitch is the tone. 

As I enter the batter’s box. 

I see no clocks. 

I only feel vibration. 

Of our nation. 

The pill looks like a softball as it approaches the plate. 

I swing for the fences, but I’m late. 

The next pitch is in my wheelhouse. 

And I rip it like Strauss. 

It’s going, going, gone. 

And every pitch from now on is a clone. 

Move over number 44. 

I’ll be the next King. 

I’ll be the next to Sing. 

I’ll be the next with Wings. 

I’ll be the next Bing. 

So, move over I’m going to the top. 

And I won’t stop. 



Final Attempt to Connect

I want…….. 

Rock and roll heaven. 

Do you believe in heaven. 

Everyone has a song to sing. 

Or write or play…. 

So create… 

Get the beat… 

But don’t take a seat.. 

Like the other one… 

Who’s not done.. 

He’s in the bun… 

Don’t make me laugh.. 

Out-loud….sing it out-loud… 

Try it…and someone will buy it. 

Sing a song, write a song.

Sing it scream it….so you can beam it. 

Cause you’re the Star of your Show… 

So believe in forever… 

Cause you’ve just began. 

And sometimes you must start over. 

And over. And over….get it? 

And learn to whistle…

Like Ronnie……..




I Love Learning

I stumbled upon a new word today. New for me anyway.



  1. last but one in a series of things; second last.
  2. “the penultimate chapter of the book”

In linguistics. The term penultimate is used in linguistics and in grammar books to refer to a particular syllable in a word: the penult or penultima. This is the second to last syllable in any word, such as “la” in “syllable”. 

What is the meaning of ‘penultimate step’?

High Jump Penultimate Step Definition. The penultimate step or penultimate stride is the second-to-last step before an athlete takes off! It’s used extensively in the long jump and high jump. Many expert coaches believe the penultimate step is part of the jumpers takeoff. 

What does the name penultimate mean?

Definition of penultimate. 1 : next to the last the penultimate chapter of a book. 2 : of or relating to the next to the last syllable of a word a penultimate accent.

Is there a word for after penultimate and ultimate?

“Properly used, penultimate means ‘next to last,’ as the penultimate game of the season and the penultimate syllable in a word. It is sometimes used incorrectly where the word ultimate is called for, especially when meaning ‘representing or exhibiting the greatest possible development or sophistication,’ as in This car is the penultimate in engineering and design .

Why is this important? I have no idea but I like it. I learned something new today. I’m pretty happy with that. Have a nice day…..and tomorrow too….

Props to good old bing…lol…maybe google is not the devil…

The Power of the Tower

The leaning tower of Pisa is a cultural icon that perhaps symbolizes the human ability to sometimes almost defy nature. It amazes many observers that the tower has not given in to the law of gravity, although it is in danger of collapse.

Construction on the Leaning Tower of Pisa took 176 years!The identity of the original Pisa Tower architect is unknown.The Tower used to lean in a different direction!There is a possible link to Galileo!The reason the Tower leans is still a bit of a mystery!Pisa has other leaning towers.Is there still a chance that the most famous Pisa Tower could fall?

What was the original purpose of the Leaning Tower of Pisa?Some speculate that part of the motivation to construct the tower was to celebrate the 600th anniversary of the Leaning Tower of Pisa. A more likely explanation is its original functional purpose, to store water for outdoor recreational swimming pools.

Leaning Tower of Niles –

My Lot Your LOt

What is my lot?
What is your lot?
Are you happy with you lot?
I am happy with my lot!
I think about that alot.
Sometimes I think I’m just a bot.
Full of snot.
All tied up in knots.
I get what I got….
But I need to be hot…..
So I jot……
And this is my lot……
What is your lot…….
You need to think about that Mr. Bot……..
Because me thinks your just a tot.


The Breeze

Ronnie said he was the breeze.
So, I think I’m gonna seize..
The Breeze…
And be the sleaze.
Just tease.
No I’m not here to please.
I’m here to be me.
Just like a Buddy,
Who needs to study.
It’s his duty.
To get off my cloud.
Find your on cloud.
Let me say that loud.
Look for a shroud.
And be proud.
Of what you have learned.
Cause you have earned…
A bonus. To be paid in full.
When you realize…
You are not just a shooting star.
You just shot par.
You’re even with the universe….
Now begin again….
And again…..
It gets better.
I swear!



It’s a delight.
Just to write.
I know it’s right.
Cause I feel outta sight.
It’s night.
And the moon is bright.
I think I’ll be a kite.
And fly into the night.
So don’t fight.
Be the light.
You’re always write.
Except when you’re right.
So soar to new heights.
And you’ll feel no fright.
Love with all your might.
The feeling will not be contrite.



You want change?
Be the change.
No, you want people to change to suit your needs.
It doesn’t work like that.
People only want what they want.
Just like you.
Look in the mirror.
Accept you.
Change you.
Accept the fact that you are enough.
Or not.
It’s your choice.
Free will.
It’s free. And you will….