Time to Go

Life in the only lane.
Life in the lonely lane.
Are you insane?
Do you have anything to gain?
Your friends will all drop by.
Yep, when you die.
Does anything matter?
Just makes you sadder.
I don’t know.
It’s time to go.


Let It Roll

Let it roll,
In your soul.
Go for the gold.
You’re never too old.
Unto you, He will unfold.
Let it roll,
In your soul.
Feel the love so bold.
Warming you from the cold.
God’s majestic hold.
Just let it roll.
Just let Him into your soul.


The Curtain

In my dream, there was a curtain.
In this I’m certain.
It was black as night.
And what it hid I could not fight.
I was filled with fear.
Then a frightful noise I did hear.
At once I began to run.
I was completely undone.
The curtain did follow.
My breathing very shallow.
I screamed hell no.
But there was nowhere to go.
Suddenly I turned to stare.
The curtain opened to a glare.
What I saw was my sordid past.
I was truly aghast.
When I shook my self awake.
I began to cry and shake.
When I arose and began to mend.
I knew I must make amends.


Was I Born Broken

Was I born broken?
Or is it a learned trait?
Am I a product of my environment?
Does it really matter?
Does anything matter at all?

When I met you I thought you were the greatest.
Of that, I have no doubt.
I knew you would change my life for the better.
Did it really matter?
Does anything matter at all?

When you left I knew you’d return.
Oh, the surprise when you didn’t.
I was wrong once again.
Does it really matter?
Does anything really matter at all?

Maybe I was born broken.
And you destroyed the piece that was left.
You left me with these questions.
Did it really matter?
Does anything really matter at all?


You’re Going Down

Drive us to the pain.

Drive us to the insane.

Till our existence is the bane.

Into the world, you were thrown.

Into the universe unknown.

Like the band that plays alone.

Your riding to your death.

As King Lear to Macbeth.

So enjoy your last breath.

You feel like a clown.

Who’s about to drown.

You’re going down.