Manifest Something Good

Manifest something good.
You know you should.
What do you need?
Sow the seed.
Try not to flaunt.
What you want.
It will come.
So get you some.
Make an addendum.
Get some momentum.
Then you have traction.
So take some action.


Sad Songs

Sad songs make me think of you.
And they make me feel blue.
You made me feel whole.
And captured my soul.
I must pretend.
That this pain will end.
So I sit and list to the sad songs.
Sometimes I sing along.
I really don’t have a clue.
But I know I still love you.


To Late

She said it’s too late.
I don’t love you anymore.
You tore it all down.
I said, but we can fix it all.
She said it’s too late.
It can’t be undone.
My heart is broken.
But I still love you I replied.
She said it’s too late.
I’m moving one.
Cause I don’t love you anymore.


Truly Blessed

I have a clear mind.
I open my heart.
Guidance flows into it.
I feel the divine light.
It feels me with energy.
I am filled with truth.
Nothing can block my path.
My intuition is strong.
I know I’m truly blessed.



I couldn’t think. Oh no!
I couldn’t move. Oh no!
Maybe I’m stoned. Oh no!
Someone help. Oh no!
No one to help. Oh no!
Why am I writing this? Oh no!
Shit, I am stoned. Oh no!
What do I do? Oh no!
Have fun! Oh no!
It’s the moment stupid. Oh no!
Oh, yea. Oh hell no!
Please? Oh no!
Ok? Oh no!
Oh yes! Oh!