The Question Arose

The question arose.
Should I write some prose?

I think I could.
Maybe I should.

So here we go.
May the rhymes flow.


Stay Between the Lines

Try to stay between the lines.
When you think.
Stay on a straight line.
Do not veer.
Whoops, I’m going in circles.
An endless loop.
What is right?
What is wrong?
Outside the lines again.
Start over.
What is right?
Outside the lines.
Start again.
Everything is right.
I’m right.
Always right.
Between the lines.
It’s right.


Again and Again

So many mysteries.
But I know the answers now.
Ask me and I’ll tell you.
The price is cheap.
Just the price of a conversation.

What do you want out of life?
Don’t know? Me either.
So let’s roll that thought a little.
Take it out and play with it.

What happens next?
What do you want to happen?
Happiness? Freedom? Peace of mind?
Your choice.

It’s all up to you.
Choose wisely, choose what you want.
Be clear. No fear.
You’ll realize one day it was easy.

Have fun, enjoy life.
Be free, be you.
Cause one day soon.
It will begin again and again.


Meant to Be

Now I see.
It was meant to be.
The bad and the good.
We did all we could.
It was meant to be.
Just like an eclipse.
That only happens once.
It was meant to be.
I wouldn’t take it back.
I wouldn’t change a thing.
It was meant to be.
You’re gone from my life.
Someone else’s wife.
It was meant to be.
If you happen to find this.
I hope you no longer blame.
For it was meant to be.


My Heart

I see you when I close my eyes.
And I feel your touch in my dreams.
I smell your scent out of the blue.
Sometimes when I’m alone I hear you call my name.
I sense your presence even though you’re nowhere near.
You’ve been gone for many years.
But my heart is still your home.


This Guy

There was this guy.
He prayed to die.
Oh, don’t sigh.

The one day he awoke.
Yep, no joke.
Gosh, he was stoked.

Everything was bright.
Did he see the light?
It felt right.

He heard a song.
And tried to sing along.
He knew he wasn’t wrong.

Suddenly he wants to share.
He wanted to care.
Do I dare?

So in the middle of the night.
He started to write.
And for once everything was alright.


Read Your Mind

What if I could read your mind?
What would I find?
A solitary rhyme?
Or thoughts that are unkind.
I bet I’d find the slime,
Of which you often dine.
Maybe I’ll find the fear,
That is always near.
So let me be clear.
You need to persevere.


So Much

I wanted to teach you how to live.
I wanted to teach you how to give.
I wanted to teach you how to love.
I wanted to teach you we came from above.
I wanted to teach you to be happy with oneself.
I wanted to teach you to love yourself.
I wanted to teach you you’re enough.
I wanted to teach you about all the stuff.
I wanted to teach you not to lose the common touch.
I wanted to teach you so much.


Still, Need You

It doesn’t matter what you say.
It doesn’t matter you went away.

I hope you won’t lay blame.
That would be a shame.

The feelings are still there.
We made an awesome pair.

So I guess I’m feeling blue.
Cause baby, I still need you.


A Lark

It’s not the end.
You just need to start again.
Life getting you down?
Try not to frown.
Listen to some tunes.
And act crazy as a loon.
Get in the car and drive for miles.
I’m sure you’ll find some smiles.
So put sad in park.
And try happy as a lark.