Let the words flow.
And see where I go.

From my mind to paper.
Maybe I’ll write a caper.

Just put the pen in motion.
I know I’ll get the right notion.

My thoughts are free.
So I’m filled with glee.

As I take ink pen in hand.
No telling where I’ll land.


Dark Day

I’m having a dark day.
They come and go.
The more I try not to feel dread.
Seems the more it appears.
I guess I’ll just embrace it.
No need to fight.
Something good will happen.
No need to be frightened.
Think about better times.
Go away dark day.


Hello to Death

Only time will tell.
If I can survive this hell.

It’s in my mind.
And so unkind.

I feel as if I’m slipping.
My thoughts flipping.

Back and forth they go.
No new seeds to sow.

Before I take my last breath,
I say hello to death.


A Thrill

Once I was a gambler.
And I’ve been a rambler.

Let’s get real.
It was such a thrill.

Maybe I was a “bad boy”.
I guess I just like to feel the joy.

My wilder days may be done,
Or have they just begun?


Smooth Sailing

It’s smooth sailing from here on out.
Of that, I have no doubt.

No waves to rock the boat.
I think I might just gloat.

We have plenty of jack.
And the wind is at our back.

So come sit by my side,
And enjoy the ride.


Grateful Today

I think I’ll be grateful today.
It doesn’t cost a thing.
Grateful for the moment.
Grateful for the beauty in nature.
Grateful for a God of my understanding.
Grateful for friends and family.
Grateful for me.
Grateful I’m still in the game.
Yes, I think I’ll be grateful today.


Trace of Your Face

I saw a trace of your face.
It should have given me a hint.
Of the future, we’d share.

I ignored it because of your embrace.
It felt heaven sent.
So I decided to take your dare.

It all turned bad in our case.
You love came and went.
Now I wish I didn’t still care.