They Inhabit

I think I’m crazy.

My brain is so hazy.

It’s like I’m in a daze.

Maybe it’s just a faze.

To talk to the dead.

It’s all in your head.

They talk back.

Maybe I just have a nack.

But it has become a habit.

Because they inhabit.



The Past is Past

You won’t last,

If you live in the past.

It’s over and done.

And tomorrow hasn’t begun.

So if you live in the here and now,

You may take a bow.

Because your life will grand.

You’ll be guided by the Hand.

And the goodness unfurls.

Cause you’ll have the best of both worlds.



Happy Easter everyone!

On a Roll

I’m a star and play the title role.

Everything is on cruise control.

And I’m number one on the public opinion poll.

I can find every loop hole.

I am the heart and soul.

Cause I’m on a roll.



I Wish I Were a Bird

If I were a bird,

I’d be an eagle.

Or maybe a hawk.

Yes, a bird of prey.

I might choose to be a hummingbird.

Then I could hum a tune.

Or a songbird.

Then I could sing a song.

But most of I wish I were a bird,

So I could just fly away.



Abstract Love

You said I needed culture.

I said I don’t want it growing on me.

A teacher and artist,

The smartest person I’d ever met.

Yes, much older than me.

We met playing risk.

And drank all night.

I was instantly caught up in you.

We’d make love for days.

You introduced me to a different life.

The ballet, the symphony, Broadway plays.

A whirlwind romance.

You said we would never last.

Because what we had was an abstract love.





I Love to Cook

It will give you a thrill,

When I get out my grill.

For goodness sake,

You’ll love it when I bake.

And you’ll want a replay,

When I saute.

You don’t need to toil.

Cause I’m will boil.

Tears of happiness you will cry,

When I pan fry.

So I’ll be in my kitchen nook,

Because I love to cook.