They Inhabit

I think I’m crazy.

My brain is so hazy.

It’s like I’m in a daze.

Maybe it’s just a faze.

To talk to the dead.

It’s all in your head.

They talk back.

Maybe I just have a nack.

But it has become a habit.

Because they inhabit.



The Past is Past

You won’t last,

If you live in the past.

It’s over and done.

And tomorrow hasn’t begun.

So if you live in the here and now,

You may take a bow.

Because your life will grand.

You’ll be guided by the Hand.

And the goodness unfurls.

Cause you’ll have the best of both worlds.



Happy Easter everyone!

On a Roll

I’m a star and play the title role.

Everything is on cruise control.

And I’m number one on the public opinion poll.

I can find every loop hole.

I am the heart and soul.

Cause I’m on a roll.



I Wish I Were a Bird

If I were a bird,

I’d be an eagle.

Or maybe a hawk.

Yes, a bird of prey.

I might choose to be a hummingbird.

Then I could hum a tune.

Or a songbird.

Then I could sing a song.

But most of I wish I were a bird,

So I could just fly away.



Abstract Love

You said I needed culture.

I said I don’t want it growing on me.

A teacher and artist,

The smartest person I’d ever met.

Yes, much older than me.

We met playing risk.

And drank all night.

I was instantly caught up in you.

We’d make love for days.

You introduced me to a different life.

The ballet, the symphony, Broadway plays.

A whirlwind romance.

You said we would never last.

Because what we had was an abstract love.





I Love to Cook

It will give you a thrill,

When I get out my grill.

For goodness sake,

You’ll love it when I bake.

And you’ll want a replay,

When I saute.

You don’t need to toil.

Cause I’m will boil.

Tears of happiness you will cry,

When I pan fry.

So I’ll be in my kitchen nook,

Because I love to cook.



A Bird

I looked outside this morning and a bird was fighting it’s reflection in my side view mirror. I watched it for a few minutes. It was funny. I went to get my phone to video it and when I got back it was gone. I guess it won or just got tired of fighting. So, I go to get in my truck and the mirror is broken cracked.

This got me thinking about my life when I was younger. I was just like the bird, fighting everyone and everything. Even myself. Never satisfied with anything. Never happy with anything I was given or worked for.

I guess I’ve changed because I try to enjoy life and take time to be grateful. I guess I was like the bird, tired of fighting.



True Blue

You said you’d always be true blue.

And give me all the love I was due.

It was all so new.

I really didn’t have a clue.

You said we’d stick like glue.

And I was your boo.

But now we’re through.

And my heart does rue.



I Bet

I bet,

We’ve met.

Maybe on a jet.

I bet,

You’re in debt.

Or you could be set.

I bet,

You get wet.

And I make you sweat.

I bet,

You have a pet.

And take it to the vet.

I bet,

You fret,

That you forget.

I bet,

You regret,

Getting upset.



House of Love

In the beginning, I thought I’d won your love.

You said you’d always be mine.

And you were it for me.

What did I say, what did I do,

To lose that love.

You said it wasn’t me.

But that it was you who changed.

But that doesn’t matter.

Because in the end,

You tore down our house of love.



Southern Words and Phrases

Being from the south (Alabama) I was thinking about words and phrases you might here only in the south.

So I wrote this using some of them. Hope you enjoy it.

What in tarnation are you doing? I’m fixin’ to go over yonder and get me a coke. It’s hotter than hades and I’m sweating like a sinner in church. I’ll be back directly. Well give me some sugar. I reckon that tickles me pink.

On second thought you need to sit down and eat. It’s supper time. And I ain’t just whistlin Dixie. Let’s say the blessing first. Well, I’ll declare.

Dear Lord bless this food to the nourishment of our body. I pray for granddaddy who recently passed on. He wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed but we loved him. He’d probably still be kicking if he hadn’t drank all that shine. You can’t do that at 80. When they found him they thought he was playing possum, but he was deader than a door nail. I guess he was happier than a dead pig in the sunshine for awhile, cause he still had a smile on his face. Anyhow, bless him Lord.

He was mad cause they wouldn’t let him sing at church. He couldn’t carry a tune in a bucket with a lid on it. Forgive us when we’ve sinned. Amen.

You know son, you just ain’t right. Aw shucks! Let’s eat. Fine and dandy.