Wish I Could Play the Fiddle

I wish I could play the fiddle.

It’s a riddle.

That little fiddle.

I just sit here and scribble.

Guess I’ll eat some skittles.

Cause I can’t play the damn fiddle. 🎻



I Know Pain

I know the pain of heartbreak.

The pain of loss.

I know the pain of regret.

The pain of guilt.

I know the pain of addiction.

The pain of sobriety.

I know the pain of fear.

The pain of lies.

I know pain.

And once it drove me insane.

Pain is a friend.

I know well.



The Skip

I remember the skip.

The skip of an album.

The scratch on a record.

The needle on the turntable.

I still own one.

And play it when I’m feeling nostalgic.

The sound is much better.

Except for the skip.

But the skip, reminds me of a simpler time.

When my dreams were in unscratched.



That Voice

What is that voice? The one that answers when I ask myself a question. Is it me? Or someone else? Maybe it’s my soul answering. What if it is someone else’s soul.
It just might be someone you loved or that loved you. They’ve died and their soul answers your questions.

What would you call them? Guides, soul guides, or spirit guides?  My mom always said don’t talk to yourself. People will think you’re crazy. She passed on many years ago. She was a great cook. And when I cook, I find myself talking to her. It that weird?

And why do they say passed on? She died, an appointment we will all keep. My best friend got killed at the age of 25. When I hear a song from the 80’s I find myself talking to him. Especially any George Thorogood song.

So there you go now you know I’m completely off the rails. But these things I do ponder. For instance, people today don’t seem to have much time for conversation. They’re to busy staring at a cell phone.

For example, I was having dinner the other day. I observed this young couple seating close by. They never said a word to each other the whole time. They both stared at there phone and the only time they spoke was to the waiter. Maybe they were texting each other. Or maybe they were talking to that voice.



Poetry Lane

I want to walk down poetry lane.
Before my thoughts wane.

I want to write a rhyme.
While I’m in my prime.

It will get likes.
And get people psyched.

It will be from the heart.
And people will read it after I depart.

The poem will be funny.
And make your day sunny.

So as I stroll down poetry lane.
Here’s a poem from my brain.



I like candy.
It’s really dandy.

Don’t leave it around.
Cause I’ll swallow it down.

I like candy.
I keep it handy.

It doesn’t matter what flavor.
Chocolate, with nuts, or hard candy it all to savor.

You might say I have a sweet addiction.
Or maybe it’s an affliction.

I guess it’s just my nitch.
And I’ll eat it until I twitch.

We don’t need to bandy.
I like candy.


The Clouds

It’s partly cloudy today.
The clouds.

It just goes and comes.
The clouds.

When I least expect them.
The clouds.

Don’t tell me I need help.
The clouds.

I’m sure they will move on.
The Clouds.

But for now,  I must embrace,
The Clouds.


I Remember

I remember when I first saw your face.
I’ll never forget the moment we first kissed.
You didn’t like me at first.
You said I’d never change.
You didn’t like my smoking.
So I quit, one of many changes.
I remember where we first made love. Do you?

I asked you to marry.
Boy, were you warry.
We got married in Tennessee.
I thought it was my lucky day.

Of course, things went bad.
And I’ll take the blame.
So I guess I didn’t change.
Because now you’re gone.
You left and never came back.
And I’m all alone.
I didn’t deserve your love.
And you sure as hell didn’t deserve me.


Who Knows

I want to write something deep.
That makes you weep.
Magic words.
Not just any blurb.
Nothing shallow.
Something with substance.
The perfect poem.
A short story that will make you think.
A book with no end.
A classic work.
But for now, I’ll just write.
And who knows…