I dreamed of a team.
They were all around it seemed.

I was surrounded,
And good things abounded.

I was protected.
I was directed.

No need to worry.
No need to hurry.

In the mirror, I searched my face.
And knew I was in the right place.

They said because He bled,
You’re being led.

So take up your pen,
And go where no one has been.


The Light

I see the light.
Shining so bright.
I stare with all my might.
It carries me to a new height.
And makes me want to take flight.
Oh, what a sight,
I saw it in the twilight.
Twas just a little starlight.


I Didn’t Fit

I used to worry that I didn’t fit. I could be at a party
and I was still alone.

Alone with my thoughts, I just didn’t belong. I couldn’t figure
it out why everyone seemed to be having a good time. But not me.

This stuck with me all my life. I tried to fit. Of course,
there were a few times when I drank too much, I thought I fit.

Looking back now I know I didn’t and I’m glad. What does it matter? And I realized I like being alone.

Why? No expectations, no one to impress. Unless you count me.
And I’m very hard to impress. So what impresses you?

Humor at it’s rawest. Learning new things, listening to awesome music and,
long conversations with myself about nothing important.
Listening to silence. Trying to write a poem. Trying to
sing and record it on my phone. Getting lost in my
thoughts and forgetting to sleep. Wondering why I still
don’t fit.



Easy Street

I want to find Easy Street.
Wouldn’t that be a treat?

I saw it in my dreams.
It was much more than it seems.

There was money everywhere.
I promise to share.

Maybe I need GPS.
Then I can put this to rest.

I need to find it soon.
Cause I’ll be broke by noon.



The boat rocks on the waves.
This feeling of calm.
A peace like no other.
Smooth and gentle.
Drifting, drifting…
To infinity.

The scent of love.
The light touch of your hand.
Soft, a pleasure.
Ah– you are making the waves.


Birthday Wish

Happy Birthday, PJD!
Be good to yourself today.
Make it a special day for you.
Enjoy the moment. And if you think of me know I love you!

Birthday Diddy

I know you’re the big five three,

But it had to be.

Remember you’re a winner!

And if I was there I’d buy you a chicken dinner.

Five plus three is eight.

So pretend you’re 8 and it will be great!

Eight is the symbol for infinity.

And that’s how long you’ll be loved!





Spiritual Dots

What does it all mean?
Why are we here?
What is the meaning of life?

Oh, I’ve pondered these questions.
The answers a mixed bag.

One day I had an epiphany moment.
If was suddenly very clear.
We’re here to be happy and enjoy life.
We’re here to love and spread the love.

To be a positive force in people’s life.
To help the less fortunate.
To grow spiritually and help others do the same.

We’re here to connect the spiritual dots!