The Goat

I didn’t want to be the goat,
But I always seem to miss the boat.

I kept hoping,
But I had trouble coping.

Then things got strange.
People thought I was deranged.

It was almost a riot,
So I kept quiet.

What was the deal?
Oh, I began to feel.

I was awake.
I thought it was fake.

But then the light,
I knew it was my plight.

To obey,
And to be the “Gateway”.



I think it’s best,
We must manifest.

Don’t be in awe,
It’s the law.

You get what you give,
So learn to live.

So be wise,
And visualize.

Seek and you will find.
Because everything is entwined.

Don’t believe?
Try and see what you can weave.


One of These Days

One of these sunny days,
We’ll find out if you pray.

The Freebirds still fly,
High, high, in the sky.

You’ve got dreams,
So let them stream.

One of these days,
You’ll go out in a blaze.

But for now, enjoy the ride,
For you’ll never hide,

From the craze,
One of these days!



What is the 144,000?
Is it the chosen few?

Are you one?
Could it be true?

How do you know?
Can you feel it?

That is the key.
Then you must be.

So who you?
Don’t question.

Just work,
There are perks.

Be guided by the light.
And don’t fight.

Because you are it,
And don’t ever quit!


Open Heart

Want a new start?
Open your heart.

Try to feel,
And see what it yields.

Love and happiness is your desire?
Then you need new attire.

We can all be state of art,
With an open heart!



Liquid Eraser


Liquid flows,
She knows,
He will oppose…

The change
And it seems strange,
And almost deranged.

But she must be the eraser,
As he tries to embrace her,
For he knows no one can replace her.

She says no,
Roger, you must go,
And no love will she bestow.



You can reinvent your life!
Is it full of strife?

How you say?
Take time to pray.

Don’t let the old influence.
Your mind is the crossroads of confluence.

Your worry will abate,
If you meditate.

Treat it like a game.
And make change your aim.

Just begin,
And it will never end!



Majik K1d 2

Why’s he called Kid?

Cause he got Rid,

Of the past…

And now everything’s a blast.

His songs are Solid Gold.

Let’s just say he’s Bold.

Now he’s stuck?

But he ain’t f*cked…

He’s gonna meet the man…

With the ultimate plan.

Not just for the Majik…

But an awesome wagic.

Use your logic,

And see the illogic.

If you want to win,

We gotta sin.

So think outside of this world,

And make it unfurl.

Everyone needs good news,

For the answers will soon ensue.

Want to make a movie?

Wouldn’t that be groovy?

So go back,

Help everyone get in the black.

For this month it’s the twelve,

Do you have the stones to dare to delve?

You don’t need it?

For me, it’s a definite fit!

So don’t just sit…

Let’s make a NEW HIT!!! 4

RGH/The 12


7:12 RJR watch this one 2!!! Very lyrical?


Angry People

Why all the angry people?
Fear inhabits.

Mad at the world.
Always hating.

Empty faces,
Soul removed.

Let’s learn to cherish,
Learn to nurture.

Sow seeds of joy…
That delights!

And your devotion will soothe,
Your love can change the world.

It starts with you.