Hey Josh–Here’s a rap for ya! lol

By Goshy–

He wants to live poshy!

By Goshy–


He can Noshy–

By Goshy!

He needs to just be Joshy–

By Goshy.

Poor Joshy–Poor Poor Joshy,

Bossy Saucy Joshy–

Joshy be my bossy saucy,

He be the saucy Bossy–

Ya, dig?

How? How ya dig m.f?

No–hell no–

Ain’t got no Bossy–

What about Joshy–

He just be wishy-washy!!!

Poor Joshy–

He no Purplehaze–

He just be blue Joshy–

He gonna be blue too,

He gonna sue,

What hue of blue?

Tiffany blue!

But Joshy like Jimi–

Drives a semi,

Or a hemi,

Racing, Acing, pacing, casing, freebasing???

Shit dog–no way–hey, hey, says Sam from Alabam!!!



5:15 PM



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