Spirituality: 5 Tell Tale Signs You Have a Spirit Guide and They are Communicating With You

1.) Blue Flash of Light

2.) Ringing in Ears

3.) Observing Sets of Threes

4.) Unusual Presence of Specific Names

5.) Vivid Dreams


Chasing the Feeling

Do you remember your first puppy love? Anticipation, Joy
Do you remember when you found out she didn’t feel the same? Sad

Do you remember you first true love? Happiness
Do you remember when she cheated with a married man? Surprise, Hurt

Do you remember being Saved? Joy, Trust
Do you remember when that initial feeling wore off? Frightened, Saddness

Do you remember your first drunk? Happy
Do you remember your first hangover? Sad, Nasty

Do you remember striving, striving and finally achieving your ultimate goal? Anticipation, Deliriously happy
Do you remember thinking later, why did I want this? Fear, Anger, Depression

Do you remember when your best friend was killed? Anger, Grief
Do you remember finally accepting that God makes no mistakes. Acceptance, Surprise, Trust

Do you remember chasing any emotions? Anticipation, Joy, Sadness, Anger
Do you ignore your feelings? Fear, Sadness, Joy

Do you imbrace certain bad emotions? Fear, Anger, Sadness, Disgust
Do you like feeling bad? Anger, Sadness

Do you want decide which feelings to chase? Surprise, Acceptance
Do you want to know yourself? Surprise, Fear, Anticipation

Do you know you have an addictive personality? Surprise, Anger, Depression, Disgust
Do you know God will help if you ask? Surprise, Frightened, Anticipation, Acceptance, Happy